THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT – March 20, 2022

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: The Lord is kind and merciful.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Aranka, Barnabás Zsurzsa, Sára Kolcza, by the Zsurzsa Family


March25Friday12 NoonCelebrant’s Intention
March26Saturday9:00 AMTraditional Latin Mass
March27Sunday9:15 AMPaul & Julia Lassan, by Rita Balazs

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: (1) The season of Lent season began on Ash Wednesday when we heard the call to give alms, to pray and to fast. Last week I spoke on the fasting, and today I would like to share a few thoughts on prayer. These thoughts come from the book of Fr. Thomas Dubay, Igniting a Fire Within (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2002).

Prayer is absolutely essential: Without it, we are frustrated creatures and will inevitably bring our inner ache for fullness, for infinity, to some lesser thing that will never satisfy – we will be idolaters! With it, we will achieve our human fulfillment and be filled with the utter fullness of the indwelling Trinity!

Prayer is a precious privilege: “– and this is putting it mildly. That the Lord of glory, himself unending joy, beauty, and goodness, would invite us to communicate with him and then begin the conversation with his inspired word, which welcomes our responses, is an unimaginable blessing.”

Prayer is interpersonal intimacy and communing in mystery with the sole aim to fall head over heels in love with Love – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “The answer to our question of getting a feel for what prayer essentially is – all types of prayer – we find splendidly etched by St Paul: As we get closer and closer to God, we are transformed from one glory to another, and we thus become more and more like the One we love” (cf. 2 Corinthians 3:18).”

Prayer is both supremely optimistic and entirely realistic: On the one hand, there is tremendous, even unspeakable joy, love, delight, a huge optimism. On the other hand, all of this is happily and confidently related to our weakness, sinfulness, suffering, pain, and failures.

(I will share from this book more in the future issues of our bulletin).

(2) This Friday, to honor the SOLEMNITY OF THE ANNUNCIATION, I will offer an extra Mass here at 12 Noon at St. Elizabeth Church. If you cannot make it in the morning for 9 AM at St. Emeric, consider coming to St. Elizabeth. Let us honor and thank our Lady for all her protection.

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION (3/13): Sunday offering: $490. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY in supporting our parish. Thank you for sending in your offertory donation through the mail, or through the PayPal option found on the website:

A Review of Lenten Regulations for Latin Catholics: 1. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of abstinence from meat and also days of fast, that is, only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may be taken according to one’s needs, but together they should not equal another full meal. 2. All Fridays during Lent are days of abstinence from meat. 3. The obligation to abstain from meat commences at 14 years old. 4. The obligation to fast commences at 18 years of age and ends at 59 years of age.

PALM BRANCHES FROM LAST YEAR: The palms that we receive on Palm Sunday are blessed. If we no longer wish them to have displayed or kept in our homes, they should be properly disposed of by either burning or burying in the ground. At the beginning of the Easter vigil we will have a fire in which we will burn these branches (from them we have ashes for Ash Wednesday). If you would like to dispose of the old palm branches, please bring them to the church by April 11.

PLEASE, MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Parish meeting on April 3, 2022 after 9:15 AM Mass.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Jay Kovács, Kathy Szabó, Kamilla Szabó and Anna Melega, Dorothy Fromhercz, Alex Szaday, and Richard Russell.


THIS SUNDAY the 11:15 AM Mass from St. Emeric church will be livestreamed at and on the website,

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