RESPONSORIAL PSALM: If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.


(St. Emeric Parish): † Members of Matavovszky Family, by Éva Dömötörffy

(St. Elizabeth Shrine): In thanksgiving


September 11 Monday 9:00 AM Parishioners of St. Emeric Parish
September 12 Tuesday 9:00 AM Attila Szigethy, by the Family
September 13 Wednesday 9:00 AM Stephen & Betty Ann Palko (sp. intent.), by Mary Spisak
September 14 Thursday 9:00 AM Attila Szigethy, by the Family
September 15 Friday 9:00 AM The Dobos Family, by Frank Dobos
September 16 Saturday 5:00 PM Barnabás Lacza, by the Family
September 17 Sunday 11:15 AM Zoltán & Irén Kovács Sztrikó, by Margit Csiszár


September 16 Saturday 9:00 AM Traditional Latin Mass
September 17 Sunday 9:15 AM Márton Szilágyi, by the Karácsony Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: (1) Today I am celebrating Mass at St. Elizabeth Shrine; please welcome Fr. Jack Manning, who will celebrate our Sunday Mass at St. Emeric.

(2) I have received a confirmation that the Institute of Christ the King the Sovereign Priest, the religious order that will take over the administration of St. Elizabeth Shrine, will celebrate its first Sunday Mass on September 24. Consequently, our last regular bilingual 9:15AM Mass will be next Sunday, September 17. We will have a couple of other Masses throughout the year there, and there is nothing preventing you from going there for Mass on some occasion.

PROPOSED MASS SCHEDULE CHANGE: Looking into the future, with the merger of the parishes and the shrine being established, it is possible to adjust our Mass schedule. At this time I am thinking of moving the Sunday 11:15AM Hungarian Mass back to 11AM. This would provide an extra time in case I preach too long J, and a suitable transition to our occasional events afterwards. I am also thinking of introducing a Sunday 9AM Mass in English. Not all our English-speaking people can come to 5PM on Saturday and the nearby churches, I noticed, do not have 9AM Mass time (only 8:30AM and 10AM). 5PM Mass on Saturday would remain as is, but on occasion (and depending on the attendance) it could be held at St. Elizabeth Shrine. These changes would come into effect on October 1st. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

PRO-LIFE “GET OUT THE VOTE” AND ELECTION INTEGRITY WORKSHOP: Do you want to help keep Ohio a pro-life state? We must turn out the vote this November to prevent barbaric, late-term abortion from becoming enshrined in the Ohio Constitution. Please join us for a special workshop on September 11th from 5:30-8:30 pm at Mary Queen of Peace Church (Marian Lounge), 4423 Pearl Rd., Cleveland, OH 43551.  This training is being conducted by the Leadership Institute and is co-sponsored by Priests for Life and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Attendees will learn about the importance of voter registration, asking volunteers to help and door knocking. The workshop is free, and dinner is included. Register online at or email

THE MOST HOLY NAME OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: On September 12 we celebrate this great memorial. Blessed Pope Innocent XI decreed that it be observed by the whole Church as a sign of thanksgiving for the Christian armies’ rout of the Turkish army besieging Vienna in 1683. After this victory, the liberation of Hungary from Turkish rule began.

THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS: On September 14 we celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In Jerusalem, every year a piece of the true cross was displayed on the anniversary of the consecration of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. We also commemorate the fact that in 629 the Emperor Heraclius personally returned to its place of safekeeping the relic of the true cross, which had been stolen by the Persians.

OUR LADY OF SORROWS (September 15): The feast day is linked to the previous days’ feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Its liturgical celebration was first authorized for the Servite Order. It was introduced throughout the Church by Pope Pius VII – in gratitude for his providential return from Napoleonic captivity.

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: ST. EMERIC PARISH: will be published next week. May God reward your generosity in supporting the church. Thank you for sending in your donations by mail or using our website

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION: ST. ELIZABETH SHRINE: Sunday collection: $582. Thank you for sending in your offertory donation through the mail, or through the PayPal option found on the website:

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially for Bev Kimar, Teréz Kalász, Lajos Boday, Márta Takács, Zsuzsanna Hunyadi, Albert Kovács, Kathy Szabó, Kamilla Szabó, Anna Melega, Dorothy Fromhercz, Alex Szaday, Virginia Kachmar, and Margaret Falk.


THIS SUNDAY the 11 AM Mass from St. Elizabeth of Hungary church will be livestreamed at and


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