THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT – December 11, 2022 – Gaudete Sunday

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Lord, come and save us.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Magda Wood, by Mary Spisak


December 17 Saturday 9:00 AM Traditional Latin Mass
December 18 Sunday 9:15 AM Berta Szeles, by the Csók Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: This Sunday of Advent is called “Gaudete Sunday.” Gaudete means rejoice in Latin and this is the first word in the entrance antiphon for this Mass (Gaudete in Domino, cf. Phil 4:4-6). This day, the Holy Mother Church wants to encourage us and nurture our hope in our faithful waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ by focusing on joy. The source of joy is none other than this, “The Lord is near.” The joy of the presence of the Lord brings us tranquility, cheerful confidence, peace of heart, and serenity. This will keep and preserve us from many troubles and dangers of the world in our own great Advent of life, up until the day of Christ’s coming. We can truly comprehend the love of God only if we realize that it is the Lord of the whole universe who has come to our salvation. Let us continue to remain vigilant as we await with prayer the approaching Christmas!

TODAY (December 11) IMPORTANT PARISH MEETING: After the 9:15AM Mass I would like to have a parish meeting to provide important information about our parish.

FREE CONCERT: Today, December 11, at 4PM here at St. Elizabeth Church, in connection with the parish’s 130th anniversary, performed by The Cleveland Opera (

CONFESSIONS: to prepare ourselves well for Christmas, I will hear confessions on Tuesday, December 20 at ST. EMERIC. First opportunity will be after the 9AM morning Mass and then in the evening from 6-7PM. For the evening session, Fr. Peter Boksay will be available as well. The season of Advent focuses on both the past and future (the recalling of the waiting for the first coming of the Lord, and then His second coming at the end of the ages). We may say that the Sacrament of Confession serves as a bridge between these two. It focuses on the present and challenges us to look into a spiritual mirror: How am I doing? Am I keeping my heart pure and ready for the Lord (especially when I receive Him in the Eucharist)? Whether here or at another church, let us take advantage of the great Sacrament of Confession. Let us unburden ourselves and remove any hindrances to the coming of Jesus Christ to us in the Eucharist.

THE BLESSING OF THE BAMBINELLI was first instituted by St. John Paul II. On an Advent Sunday the children of Rome are encouraged to bring the baby Jesus (Bambinelli) from each of their Nativity sets to St. Peter’s Square. Following the Sunday Angelus address, the Pope blesses the figurines. This custom has spread throughout the world. We will celebrate this blessing next week, on Fourth Sunday of Advent after the Mass. All (not only children) are encouraged to bring baby Jesus from their home Nativity sets to the church for this special blessing.

DECORATING CHURCH: after the Sunday Mass next week (12/18) if some of you are able to help carry some Christmas decorations into the church, that would be greatly appreciated.

for St. Elizabeth of Hungary & St. Emeric parishes

December 24:   5:00 PM Mass (St. Elizabeth) – Hungarian/English

December 24:  10:30 PM Christmas Carrols (St. Emeric) – Hungarian

December 24:   11:00 PM Mass (St. Emeric) – Hungarian

December 25:   9:15 AM Mass (St. Elizabeth) – Hungarian/English

December 25:   11:15AM Mass (St. Emeric) – Hungarian

December 31:   5:00 PM (St. Emeric) – English

January 1:         regular Sunday Mass schedule

STUFFED CABBAGE SALE: at St. Emeric parish — for take out only— December 17 and 18.  6 cabbage rolls (fully cooked, just heat and eat) … $18. To order please call by Wednesday, December 15: Marika Zsula 216-676-5863 or Maria Meszaros 440-331-0391. Pick-up: Saturday, Dec. 17, before the 5pm mass or Sunday, Dec. 18, before or after the 11:15 mass in the church hall.

SUNDAY COLLECTION FIGURES: Nov. 13: Sunday Collection: $445, donations: $450; Nov. 20: Sunday Collection: $445, donations: $250; Nov. 27: Sunday Collection: $935, donations: $1000; Dec. 4: Sunday Collection: $1210, donations: $100. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY in supporting our parish. Thank you for sending in your offertory donation through the mail, or through the PayPal option found on the website:

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Kathy Szabó, Kamilla Szabó, Anna Melega, Dorothy Fromhercz, and Alex Szaday.

THIS SUNDAY the 9:15 Mass from St. Elizabeth church will be livestreamed at  and on the website,

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