RESPONSORIAL PSALM: Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Maria Spisak, by Mary Spisak


May29Saturday9:00 AMTraditional Latin Mass
May30Sunday9:00 AMAmelia R. Toth, by Leonard Toth

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: In the Christian iconography the Pentecost event is depicted with Apostles being seated, and the tongues of fire sitting on their heads, imparted by the Holy Spirit, who is imaged as a dove giving forth rays of light. Until the 12th century, the images presented only the Apostles. In these earlier images the central figure was almost always St. Peter. But, beginning in the 12th century, Pentecost images more and more frequently put the Virgin Mary in the center of the image among the Apostles (as our bulletin cover shows). Often the Blessed Mother would even be singled out for special emphasis. Most of the time, St. Peter will be on her right and St. John on her left. Our Lady’s inclusion imitates the pattern set by almost all Ascension images from at least the 6th century. By the end of the Middle Ages her presence is just about mandatory, especially with the development of the Rosary prayer.

The Acts of the Apostles (1:14) mentions specifically Mary as being present in the Cenacle with the Apostles and praying with them for the coming of the Holy Spirit. She provided a model of true prayer, and showed them how to prepare for the Holy Spirit. It is safe to assume (as the Church does) that Our Lady stayed and was present when the Holy Spirit came. Although she was full of grace (Lk 1:28), at the Pentecost she too received the Holy Spirit, but in a new way as with God there is always more and ever-new grace.

It is in her role in the Cenacle that she was endowed with one of the oldest titles, Queen of Apostles. Mary leads all men to the Truth, and to Christ, just as she brought forth the Light of the World. Pope Leo XIII in Adiutricem Populi wrote of Mary in the Cenacle: “With wonderful care she nurtured the first Christians by her holy example, her authoritative counsel, her sweet consolation, her fruitful prayers. She was in very truth, the Mother of the Church, the Teacher and Queen of the Apostles, to whom, besides, she confided no small part of the divine mysteries which she kept in her heart.”

Our Blessed Mother continues this mission. Yes, the Holy Spirit is at the center. From the birth of the Church up to our own day, all the good that has been done is the work of the Holy Spirit. However, Our Lady, as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, can teach us and help us to abide with the same docility to the Holy Spirit’s action in our soul and bring forth lasting fruit.

MOTHER OF THE CHURCH: In 2018, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments implemented the decision of Pope Francis, requiring that the Memorial of the “Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church” be celebrated on Monday after Pentecost. The hope is that the extension of this celebration to the whole Church will remind all Christ’s disciples that, if we want to grow and to be filled with the love of God, it is necessary to plant our life firmly on three great realities: the Cross, the Eucharist, and the Mother of God. These are three mysteries that God gave to the world in order to structure, fructify, and sanctify our interior life and lead us to Jesus.

IMPORTANT NEWS: with the improving situation concerning the health pandemic, the bishops of Ohio have decided to reinstate the general obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (Code of Canon Law, c. 1247). This will take effect in each of the Dioceses of Ohio the weekend of June 5-6, 2021. To read the letter with more explanation, please visit: Catholic Conference of Ohio (

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