27TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME “B” – October 3, 2021

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: May the Lord bless us all the days of our lives.

TODAY’S MASS INTENTION: Ferencz Goda, by daughter Agnes & the Family


October9Saturday9:00 AMTraditional Latin Mass
October10Sunday9:15 AMDeceased Members of the Mezei & Simon Families, by the Mezei Family

FROM THE DESK OF FR. BONA: From time to time we can read/see both in the Catholic and the secular media discussion on the topic of the reception of the Eucharist. You also may have heard me give a very brief explanation on the reception of Holy Communion at weddings and funerals (when people of all sorts of walk of life may be present with us in the church). One of the phrases that I use to summarize the Church’s teaching is that “only practicing Catholics can receive communion.” The question that perhaps some may ask, what does it mean to be “practicing Catholic?” 

First of all, the reason why it is not enough to say, “only Catholics can receive communion,” is because once we are validly baptized as Catholics, we will be Catholics forever irrespective of our actions. The mark of baptism cannot be lost or washed away. Even if one turns his back on the Catholic faith and begins to worship at a protestant denomination, or live a life of an atheist, that person is still a Catholic. Obviously, to distinguish and describe more precisely such situations we employ terms such as lapsed Catholic, or non-practicing Catholic. 

So what makes one a practicing Catholic and thus able to receive Eucharist? First of all the Church teaches that one must observe the Ten Commandments. These commandments cover both grave and venial matter. To be a practicing Catholic means that we do not stay in a state of objective grave (mortal) sin against the Lord. We all perhaps break the Ten Commandments through venial sins out of weakness. Perhaps even a grave sin may slip in there from time to time. However, if we are sincere in our desire to stay with Jesus, we will immediately go to confession and resume the faithful practice of the faith. In such circumstances, we can still be considered practicing Catholics. To illustrate, if a person who regularly attends Mass on Sundays (and Holy Days of obligation) is tempted one Sunday out of laziness to skip the Mass, it is a mortal sin. If he quickly (and sincerely) repents and goes to confession ASAP, he could be considered to be a practicing Catholic, because it is recognizable that the moral slip up was something unusual and not a pattern of his life. However, if one goes to Mass only sporadically, he or she cannot be considered a practicing Catholic. 

The other requirements and bare minimum by which we can know what makes one a practicing Catholic is the giving of our assent to the teachings of the Church and the observance of the five precepts of the Church. More on these in the next issue of our bulletin. God bless!

LAST WEEKEND’S COLLECTION (9/26): Sunday offering: $425. Special donation: $200. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY in supporting the parish. Thank you for sending in your offertory donation through the mail. I know the times may be difficult for many people. If you are able at this time to send in your offertory donations, please do so by mail or use the PayPal option found on the website: https://www.stelizabethcleveland.org/donations/

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TEACHES? A lot of people do. As students go back to school perhaps now is the perfect time to tune in and listen to Catholic Answers Live as they explain and defend the Catholic faith by answering your questions about what the church actually teaches. Tune in to AM 1260 The Rock Sunday through Friday from 6 to 8 PM or listen live at am1260therock.com. Have a question?  Call in at 1-888-31-TRUTH

THE SOUND OF FREEDOM: Concert remembering the 65th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian freedom fight and revolution will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2021, 7PM at John Carroll University, Kulas Auditorium. Dr. Marius E. Marton and his orchestra (flyer is displayed in the vestibule). Tickets can be bought online at bocskairadio.org.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK, especially, Jay Kovács, Kathy Szabó, Kamilla Szabó and Anna Melega, Dorothy Fromhercz, Alex Szaday.


THIS SUNDAY the 11:15 AM Mass (St. Emeric) is livestreamed at https://www.facebook.com/saintemeric/ and on the website, https://stemeric.com/ 

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